Benefits of the Best Walking Sticks

Benefits of the Best Walking Sticks

Everyone can benefit from wooden hiking sticks, especially when on a trail with a steep or treacherous terrain. They can provide support and protection for hikers of all ages and are the perfect piece of equipment to aid hiking.

Wooden hiking sticks like the ones offered by Brazos can help hikers in many ways. To highlight some of the greatest benefits of using wooden hiking sticks, here are some of their biggest advantages.

Increased Stamina

When you use a wooden hiking stick, you’re taking most of your body’s weight off of your legs and distributing it to your upper body, mostly your arms. Your legs are already being used more than your upper body while hiking, so balancing out your weight like this can help increase your stamina and allow you to hike for longer periods of time. When hiking up very steep slopes, a wooden hiking stick can also give you better leverage and take a lot of the strain off of your body.

Better Balance

One of the most important things when hiking is balance. When hiking over rocks, boulders, uneven terrain, muddy areas, and fallen trees, maintaining a firm balance can be tough, but it’s much easier with a wooden hiking stick. Even if you just need better balance going up steep hills, a hiking stick can go a long way. Just be mindful of the tips of your hiking sticks so that they don’t get stuck between rocks and cause you to lose balance or your sticks to break.

Reduce Joint & Back Pain

The joints in our knees and our back are some of the most sensitive parts of our body. Hiking on uneven terrain can take its toll on our back and joints, but using wooden hiking sticks can take a lot of load off of them and reduce your risk of injury.

Extra Hiking Tool

A wooden hiking stick can also be used as an extra hiking tool that can do things such as protect you from wildlife or move items that might be partially blocking your trail such as leaves, rocks, and branches. A hiking stick can also be a multi-purpose tool that can be used to pitch shelters in case of an emergency.

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