Lee, you were so helpful to me last week, taking my order by phone, and with such good humor. Thank you for your help. I appreciate your communication skills.

This is just a note to say the Sassy Cane was received yesterday. I've been walking with it for the good part of two days, and want to say three things:

1. With lots of practice-walking -- indoors, because it's raining outside -- I'm coming to the conclusion that, for me and my myalgia (a debility far less serious than those w/ trauma who can't walk at all!), this cane is perfect: it serves as an extension of consciousness, i.e., a reminder to walk at a slower pace, in a regular rhythmic gait, and to focus not only on the leg-complex but also on my posture, allowing the upper torso to sink naturally and vertically into the hip-structure. Really, I can't say it any better than this: it's an extension of consciousness.

2. The height, 35", of the cane is perfect for me, far more comfortable than my greatgrandfather's cane which is about 37" and quite weighty. Thanks to Mr. Anz for sizing it. (And, I'm sorry if I'm spelling his name wrong; the print on your pretty card is a bit difficult for my eyes to make out!)

3. Lastly, I appreciate and am impressed with the beauty of the polished or shaved wood. It is a beautiful object to see and touch. When I look at it I feel better. Yay!

With all best regards,jo Stateson-Yrisarri, *

10 years ago I began to have symptoms of Parkinson's Disease and a dear friend bought me this bocote and maple cane. It was tall enough to fit my 6'4" stature and looked so fantastic! 10 years later I am still depending on it everywhere I go. It is the most durable cane I have ever used! The handle has never budged despite my large size. Each time my spouse takes me out I get compliments and folks ask where I got such a beautiful cane.

Thank you for such a unique and lasting support for my walking difficulties.

Dan Brooks, facebook post

Following our conversation on the telephone today, I am convinced that the quality of the product purchased is a direct result of the people behind it. I have no physical limitations and am a former athlete. After 12 years of searching for the perfect Walking Stick (strait as a arrow, tall, thick, and strong) and refusing all imitators, I finally found the perfect Staff yesterday! Standing straight and proud in a Brazos Bin was a gorgeous 55" Free Form Twisted Sweet Gum Staff fitting my hand perfectly. Following my purchase and exiting the retail store, a woman entering said to me, "Now, that is a nice stick!"

Thank you for your pursuit of excellence and meeting my need...

Stay Safe,


I am enjoying my One of a Kind, Vine-twisted Persimmon with a Elk Antler handle walking cane very much. Each and every step I take is made possible because of that cane. It is very strong and solid and I like it very much.

I have ten canes in my arsenal of walking aides now. Of the four that I exclusively use, the One of a Kind cane you made for me gets used the most. The other three of that list includes the Custom Laminated Walnut and Mesquite with the larger cane handle and the Bois D Arc cane with the larger handle.

I thank you and continue to tell everyone that comments on my unique walking canes that they can also get one of the best walking canes ever made in America, in Waco, Texas by the guys at Brazos Walking Sticks.

Thank you so very much for making walking possible for me.


Steve C. *

Hi, my wife and I are the parents of a child with Cerebral Palsy, Spencer. Cerebral Palsy affects Spencer's legs and left arm making independence a challenge. We recently found your walking sticks at a local store and bought a Twisted Aromatic Cedar for Spencer to assist with his ability to walk independently. Independence is a big thing in his life and your sticks have added to his quality of life. Since buying your stick he has gotten several compliments, especially at church. When his brothers broke his stick today he was devastated. My wife ran to the local store and found him another Twisted Aromatic Cedar and in fact she bought him 2 sticks this time. The second is a Twisted Oak-Brown. When Spencer received his new sticks he was so excited to have his "tool" back and his independence.

Thanks for making a high quality stick, we are sure there will be many more in Spencer's life time.

Darin and Peg Chartier *

A few years back I began searching for just a simple hard wood stick for hiking...Geez, hundreds of places to buy from, but the majority were gaudy custom mades and ridiculously priced. Finally came across Brazos. Purchased just a free form stick and was more than pleased. Since that time I have probably purchased close to 2 dozen sticks of different varieties to ship to hiking friends and relatives all across the country.

I'm a "no frills hiker", and I hike all over the country, it's the simple, dependable sticks that I prefer. But you would think I ordered sticks that were a grand a piece by the customer service I have received. With quality and price a pretty moot point -(that part is just great), it is the service that has kept me coming back. I can honestly state that not once, ever, have I had an order done incorrectly. I have contacted Eric on several occasions with questions, and he has consistently been quick to respond and answer directly what ever I've asked. I communicated with him recently, and he even remembered a pic of my granddaughter hiking with a Brazos stick that I had sent him two years ago !

And the shipping ...I'm amazed at how quick the turn around has been from shop to door. I've watched their biz grow to add a variety of new designs and accessories and one of a kind sticks. They stay on top every step of the way. Just hope you keep doing what you do!

D.C. - Baytown *

You've been so helpful I just had to let you know. My walking stick is a miracle. It took me no time at all to develop a rhythm and learn how to use it. It has given me back my stability and my mobility. I walked a mile today for the first time in quite some time. It is also beautiful. I'm very proud to walk with it.

Thank you so much for your personal help, and for the wonderful stick that has given me back my security and my ability to take wonderful walks!!

Carol *

Over the last few weeks, I have ordered approximately 10 canes from your company, and I want you to know that your woodworkers are not only craftsmen, but "artisans" in the true sense of the word. Bravo!

John Hansen-A Very Satisfied Customer *

OMG!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!!! it's absolutely beautiful ! !

It's so incredible! I LOVE IT.

Deb *

I just wanted to tell you how much I love my Brazos walking stick! I purchased the 50" Twisted Sassafras, and LOVE it. It has not only met, but exceeded my expectations, and has had the unexpected additional benefit of helping to strengthen my arm. I get more compliments on it than I would have thought. When I bought it, I loved the look, but my primary concern was having a stick/staff that I could count on being strong and sturdy, to help me up and down stairs, hills and rough terrain, and to occasionally give me leverage, as I work to stand up.

The one thing I regret is not having the budget at the time, to add a few tweaks to it - like the compass and thermometer. And, with winter coming, I have a feeling that the spiked tip would have come in VERY handy, on the ice and snow, where I've had so many falls and near-misses. I am now wondering if those things might be retro-fitted? I don't want to (and with my physical limitations, really can't) be without my stick now, so I was wondering if I might simply purchase the accessories from you, and have a wood-worker friend of mine fit them on for me (while I wait)? I am still not in a position to afford another stick, with all of the fittings, so (though, ultimately, I want to) that isn't currently an option, for me I want to assure you that I love my stick, and have given the link to your site to quite a few of my friends with similar physical issues to mine - and will continue to do so, whether these additions are possible or not.

Thank You,

Carla Burke *

We just received the walking stick that we ordered. And it is beautiful. Your pictures on line do not do it justice.

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful product with all of us

Debbie *

I just received my walking stick and I couldn't be more pleased. I had called customer service to get advice on what type of stick would be best for me. I received great advice and I ordered the Hitchhiker in tan twisted ash, 55". It arrived yesterday (very fast!), it's beautiful, light-weight but very strong, exactly what I wanted!

Thanks so much!

RB *

We just received the beautiful walking sticks you've so kindly donated for our students at Rocky Mountain Pathways Ranch. These will be perfect for the educational nature walks and hikes the students take during their stay with us. The walking sticks are now headed to the ranch and once we have photos of the students using them, I'd love to share them with you and post them on your Facebook page.

We truly appreciate your generosity. Thank you!

Alissa Johnson Rocky Mountain Pathways Ranch

I received an Extra Size Hitchhiker in tan with my name engraved on it as a gift for being Volunteer of the Year for Westmoreland Cleanways. The stick is beautiful and feels perfect in my hand. I could not have asked for a gift more suited to my lifestyle. My husband and I collect walking sticks from the woods and sales. Although some have been more detailed, the quality of this stick is unsurpassed. It will be with me always.

Suzanne Evancho *

My husband and I just purchased our first Brazos Walking Stick today at URE Outfitters in Rhode Island. It is a 55 inch Free Form Maple, which has no accessories. We were very impressed by the quality, construction and beauty of the stick, and jumped on your website to see more when we got home. We will definitely purchase many more of your outstanding products, both for ourselves and as gifts, in the future. In the meantime, we have a question about accessorizing the stick we purchased. Is it a possibility to ship this stick to you to add a compass, spike and engraving? We look forward to hearing from you soon and appreciate your consideration on this matter.

Thank you.

James and Jaime Strickland *

Even though I don't use a cane, the craftsmanship and beauty of your canes and sticks have made me into a collector.

John Anderson *

I just received my Free Form Hickory Walking Stick yesterday and I must say I was more than pleased. This stick more than met my expectations, after many weeks of research I chose Brazos to purchase from and I am so glad I did. My stick is 55" as I am 5'10" and weigh 215 pounds and at 61 years of age I needed a hefty staff, I have a 37" walking stick (cane) that is injected poly propylene which works well in city and urban environs also I have a 42" Manzanita walking stick I purchased for my wife which she loves, but for me in the wilderness or trails in So. Cal, Montana, Utah, Arizona or wherever.... I needed a strong wooden staff that was also hefty, the Hickory Stick from Brazos fit the bill beyond my expectations, I will be purchasing sticks for my son and grandson and it I will purchase from Brazos as their quality of product and service is exemplary. I would like to add I am very fit and workout 4 days a week so these sticks will work for the slight of build to the most fit and obese. Anyone interested in hiking,walking and general longevity in health should purchase a Brazos Walking Stick or Cane.

Thank You Brazos Walking Sticks

Garry Williams *

Just received my walking cane and I could not be happier. I had originally ordered the Padauk pistol grip but after a day I realized that it would be more beneficial for me if I ordered the walnut/maple laminated cane instead. Contacted Customer Support and Eric graciously tracked down the order and made the requested changes. Having been a wood craftsman most of my life, I am very pleased with the workmanship and finish of my new cane. I had the Texas seal applied as I am proud that it was made by an American craftsman and had my name laser engraved. I look forward to using the cane and will definitely steer new customers your way.

Michael Hipsman *

My two one of a kind sticks have arrived today. WOW! They are absolutely beautiful. I must say, I have looked all over the web searching for walking sticks. I have found a few that are fairly decent. But, there are none that can come close to Brazos Sticks. Truly, all your sticks are one of a kind! I say that because your sticks are all hand made by craftsmen whom love working with wood and can bring out the natural beauty in the wood. I look forward to adding to my collection in the near future.

Keep up the good work,

George *

I just received my OOAK76 Cocobolo cane with elk antler grips and trim. I don't know wether I should use it or hang it on the wall as a piece of art! This stick is gorgeous!! It is absolutely seamless where antler meets wood almost as if the antler were a natural part of the wood. Your OOAK line is outstanding. I had to wait a bit until some 40-inch items were offered, but it was certainly worth the wait. Congratulations on this outstanding new line, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and, like Arnold said:

"I'll be back".

Sal Minucci *

A few minutes after I wrote you the truck pulled up, I really wasn't expecting it for another couple of days - great customer service. Even though this is a basic stick, it far far exceeds my expectations. The feel is perfect, the balance is perfect. I have been using a cane that my daughter bought for me, but was not comfortable, because I bent over, which was uncomfortable, but with this stick I stand up straight with better control of my walking. Thank you very much for your help and great customer service.

G.E. Stuart, Florida *

I received my cane yesterday, sized it, and started using it immediately. It feels great in my hand. Last night my wife and I walked to our local elementary school for "Back to School Night". On our way home twice I mis-stepped and the only thing that saved me from a nasty fall and sprained ankles was the fact that I had my new Brazos Stick cane in my hot little hand.

What a blessing already!

M.M. *

I just wanted to thank you for the rush order on the Ironwood hiking stick I purchased from you. I'm back from Hawaii and have enjoyed using the stick many, many times.


I received the stick and it is beautiful and just the right length. I will be sure and tell people who comment on it where I got it.


I just got my 58" Twisted Sassafras Walking Stick. I took it out of the package and was in complete shock! It is the most beautiful walking stick I have ever seen. I had originally ordered it to accompany me on my evening walks, but seeing how gorgeous it is, I have decided not to use it for that. It is just too nice to use as a walking stick. I am going to have to order one that is not as exquisite. On a scale of 1 - 10, I give Brazos a 20! Thank you so much for producing such beautiful works of art. Sincerely,

Debbie D. South Carolina*

I would recommend your company to anyone. Your attention to detail and to me as a customer was really great. I appreciate all your assistance.


I just want you to know that I am absolutely thrilled with the "Twisted Sweet Gum" walking stick which I received from you in April. I use it every day and every day I receive many compliments on the beauty and utility of the stick.

J.F., Salt Lake City, Utah*

Hi Brazos I originally attempted to order a 58" hickory walking stick, but you guys contacted me promptly to tell me that the hickory was out of stock, at which point I was given the option of waiting for the hickory to be back in, or to go for another type of wood. The man who contacted me recommended the ironwood, and I went for it. My ironwood walking stick arrived last week, and it's perfect. I couldn't have asked for better. The professional, individual service I received and the quality of your product are absolutely amazing.

Michael D. Jones*

The Bocote Cane is beautiful. The head is nicely matched too. Now that I've returned to work, many people have commented on how nice the cane looks. One older friend wanted to know where I got it, so you may hear from him as well.


Dear Brazos, I recently purchased a twisted Maple and Walnut cane after seeing the new Brazos cane of Chris, a co-worker. Words can't adequately express how impressed I am both by the outstanding craftsmanship and remarkable customer service delivered by your staff. While he's perfectly happy with his cane, I think that upon seeing mine, Chris may have another order on its way! Thanks again,

Scott Palmer, Bloomingdale, IL*

I received an Extra Size Hitchhiker in tan with my name engraved on it as a gift for being Volunteer of the Year for Westmoreland Cleanways. The stick is beautiful and feels perfect in my hand. I could not have asked for a gift more suited to my lifestyle. My husband and I collect walking sticks from the woods and sales. Although some have been more detailed, the quality of this stick is unsurpassed. It will be with me always.

Suzanne , Greensburg, PA*