7 Reasons People Love the Brazos Free Form Hickory Walking Stick

With all the walking sticks we offer, how do you tell which one is right for you? Our most popular stick by far is the Free Form Hickory. But why do people love it and is it the one for you? Check out its main benefits and find out if it would be a good fit for you!

  1. Helps you look younger
    Some reviewers (even those in their 90s) report loving this stick because it gives them a more youthful appearance than a cane.
  2. Keeps you balanced on rough trails and wilderness hikesMany people use the Free Form Hickory as a hiking stick or trekking pole. It helps you keep your balance on uneven surfaces — when walking uphill, on rocky ground or across slippery streams.
  3. Gets you noticed
    The beautiful, smooth, finely-finished wood makes this walking stick a functional work of art. When you use it, people will notice!
  4. Helps you fend off snakes or wild animals
    Hickory is strong, solid and very hard. It’s what they use to make baseball bats, so it would stand to reason it would be the right stick to carry for protection.
  5. Protects you from falls
    It’s a fairly heavy stick that will hold you up if you feel a bit light headed or weak.
  6. Improves your posture
    When you use a cane, you can tend to bend over more. With a walking stick, you will still stand up straighter.
  7. Built to last beyond this generation
    This hearty stick will be with you for years to come and you can even pass it down to your children. Like all our walking sticks, the Free Form Hickory has a lifetime guarantee.

Why do you love the Free Form Hickory stick? Tell us in the comments!

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