Hiking: a New Year’s Resolution Worth Keeping

The holiday season can be brutal on a person’s health. There’s every excuse to eat and drink as families gather and parties abound. Holiday cookies lurk around every corner. The temptations can become just too much. Add on the stresses of shopping and family gatherings while trying to stay on schedule at work and it becomes quite easy to fall into some pretty unhealthy patterns.

All of this usually amounts to a person deciding to start the next year with a fresh slate. With a fresh slate comes the need to determine a healthy New Year’s Resolution. Most New Year’s Resolutions focus on giving up a food or deciding to head to the gym more regularly. The problem is that people often choose resolutions that they don’t enjoy, which makes it easy to let them fall by the wayside.

Brazos Walking Sticks encourages Americans to join the hiking movement in America. A walking stick from Brazos Walking Sticks makes it easier for those new to hiking to trek up hills or through difficult terrain. By making a commitment to hiking, a person makes a commitment to their mental health as they better connect with nature.

Warren Owen, Director of Brazos Walking Sticks, is a huge believer in the health benefits of hiking for both mental and physical health.

“My company creates hand-crafted, high-quality, made in the U.S. hiking and walking sticks. We believe that any chance to breathe in fresh air while hiking can help cure what ails you,” explains Owen.

Owen continued, “New Year’s resolutions offer a great reason to start a hobby that can improve a person’s physical, emotional and mental health. I believe that every New Year’s Resolution should be hiking with the assistance of a Brazos Walking Stick.”

A Brazos hiking stick can also help people who already hike but are looking to take on more challenging trails. The use of a hiking stick can help keep a person safe as they pursue new goals.

Why New Year’s Resolutions are Important, According to Warren Owen:

  • More Hiking Means a Healthier Body
  • Hiking Will Save You Money When Compared to a Gym Membership
  • Hiking is a Great Way to Form Stronger Relationships
  • Getting Outdoor is Good for Your Well-Being

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