Wire Grid Display Stand



The Wire Grid Display Stand offers a convenient, low cost way to store all of your Brazos Walking Sticks & Canes. Whether you’re an avid collector or a budding enthusiast, this display gives you room to grow! The wire grid design offers the benefits of a “see through” design, a 25-stick storage capacity, and a minimal “footprint” -- only one square foot.


The elegant wire design, attractive wood veneer base, and the eye-catching Brazos Walking Sticks signage means you’ll be proud to display this piece in virtually any location in your home. Its neutral coloring is ideal for any setting.

All of our walking sticks and canes are handcrafted in Texas, so when you buy a Brazos Walking Stick, you know you’re buying a piece of true Americana. And, like our handmade walking sticks, this display is an ideal gift for any collector, adding a touch of class and distinction to all the Brazos Walking Sticks it majestically displays.