Trekking Poles for Every Trail Ahead

Stylish, ultralight and fit for every trail: trekking poles from Brazos Walking Sticks are the newest offering from the one of the most trusted names in hiking-related products.

For those looking for wooden trekking poles, we’d like to point you toward this product line that is growing in popularity. Constructed around a durable aluminum shaft, the additional design elements we’ve incorporated won’t be found on wooden walking sticks For example: our trekking poles have adjustable heights and a telescoping design that also provides for easy storage in addition to stability on the trail or during all of your daily walks.

Additional perks you’ll find on trekking poles -- but not on rustic-style walking sticks -- include non-slip padded grips, an anti-shock mechanism and a tungsten carbide tip for digging into the dirt on every trail that awaits. That latter component can be modified to use a mud/sand basket to prevent the pole from sinking into the earth as well as a rubber grip that’s perfect for roadways or sidewalks. These trekking poles are clearly the modern solution for hiking enthusiasts who depend on their tools to navigate the path ahead.

Make our Trekking Poles yours!

Available in a variety of colors and with an interchangeable tip, these trekking poles from Brazos Walking Sticks are perfect for today’s hiker. Brazos is known in the hiking community for its hand-made hiking sticks; these trekking poles push our product line even further. Pick up a pair of trekking poles today and you’ll soon see, feel and experience the difference!