Personalized Walking Sticks

All of our walking sticks and canes can be personalized with laser engraving. Your engraved walking stick or cane can be customized with your name, phone number, a quotation, a scripture, or even a logo! A personalized walking stick can create wonderful memories and gifts with names, dates, prose, quotes, or any other creative message.

To select an engraved walking stick, on the product page choose "Customize This Item" from the right hand menu.

Choose your font

When you shop for your favorite personalized walking stick or cane, choose Engraving Text, Font and Side in the Shopping Cart.



The following prices apply to each personalized engraved walking stick or walking cane. The minimum charge is $20 per item for any message for the first 20 characters.

All engraving (with the exception of custom logos, etc.) runs horizontally, typically below the handle. We reserve the right, based on our expertise, to place engraving in the most agreeable position on a walking stick or walking cane.

Logo engraving starts at $30, but is heavily discounted for orders of 6 or more. Call 800-581-4352 or email [email protected] for details.

Be Creative!

Be creative when creating engraved canes and walking sticks. We can do custom logos, Scripture verses, your name, a phone number, and just about anything! Interested in some inspiring creative ideas? Email your request to [email protected].