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Twisted Oak Ergonomic Fitness Handcrafted Walking Stick

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Best when bought as a pair. The stylish and practical fitness walker empowers you to exercise confidently as you walk briskly through your neighborhood, favorite trail, or walking path, without sacrificing on your elegant, timeless style. This oak fitness pole is created by hand from a single piece of wood, making it superior to other Nordic walking poles that have moving parts or breakable pieces. This strong and attractive walking stick gives you rock-solid stability and assurance, wherever your fitness walking may take you.

Using two staffs is commonly called "Nordic walking," and provides an upper body workout that's simply not possible with stick-free exercise. You'll move faster with greater agility and confidence, no matter who you are. Out in nature, walking sticks also prove indispensable as a first line of defense against wild animals, as a probe for checking under rocks, and as a tool for making your way through thick brush.