Walking Sticks for Women

Brazos™ walking sticks for women are completely milled and formed from a wood blank. We use traditional patterns for shape and function, tailored to women’s specific needs. All of our ladies walking sticks are individually crafted from the finest woods including oak, hickory and many other exotic and native trees. Our artisan craftsmen in Central Texas craft each of our women’s walking sticks by hand. Most of our custom women’s walking stick blanks are naturally harvested in the Southwestern and Southeastern United States.

Before any of our walking sticks for women stick are created, the raw wood blank is carefully inspected for any hidden flaws that might affect the structural integrity of the stick. Only the raw blanks that show the highest strength are chosen for use in our women’s walking sticks. After this inspection, the raw wood blanks are shaped on a lathe or a sander, depending on the style of the women’s walking stick we are creating. Most of our walking sticks for women have handles shaped directly from the wood blank; others are slowly bent to take on a distinctive crook shape. Once shaped and sanded, our custom walking sticks for women are ready for a clear or tinted finish. The result highlights the natural beauty of the wood. Our women’s walking sticks come in various sizes that will fit a woman of any height.

Made in the USA

Please feel free to email inquiries to info@brazossticks.com. Or call toll free 800-581-4352 with any questions or comments or to get to know us. Come by our shop in Waco Texas and see our selection of walking sticks for women yourself. It feels like a walker’s candy store.

Make it Uniquely Yours

All our women’s walking sticks can be personalized with laser engraving, making them uniquely yours. Our walking sticks for women can be further customized with accessories like a whistle or a compass or a Brazos™ Brass Ferrule or the classy Lee Valley Spike system. These make excellent retirement or birthday gifts. If you want something specific or do not see what you need among our selection of walking sticks for women, please contact us at info@brazossticks.com.