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When most people think of hiking sticks, they immediately think of metal poles: hard, cold and unforgiving. Metal poles come in standard shapes and sizes, and leave little room for comfort or customization. We believe nothing says becoming one with nature more than a natural wood hiking pole that gives you the comfort and ease of use that you desire. Perfect for the nature lover in your life, Brazos handcrafted poles are ideal for treks, hikes and leisurely walks of all types.

Think of all the situations that can occur when you go hiking. You are constantly stepping up, climbing and unevenly distributing weight across varying levels of terrain. Choosing a hiking pole that you can depend on is vital to your safety and the enjoyment of your excursion. Our wooden poles are designed to not only be comfortable, but to help keep you stable while maintaining forward momentum. Using Brazos wooden hiking and walking poles helps to ease the stress on your joints, creating a healthier and safer trek.

Brazos walking poles are made from the finest material around and proudly crafted in the USA. Our talented artisans spend hours handcrafting every detail to ensure sturdiness, style and quality. You depend on your hiking pole to provide stability and balance and our craftsmen take that seriously. Our handcrafted poles are ideal for scout groups, hikers, casual walkers, nature enthusiasts and collectors of all ages.

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