Shop by Wood


The hardwoods vary, but are often times sumac, hawthorne, or something similar. Each piece is different from the next, and our skilled craftsmen take care to make sure that each walking cane is properly sanded, smoothed, and protected with a clear coat of lacquer. 


Iron Bamboo gets its name because its strength to weight ratio is better than steel. Having a strength-to-weight ratio greater than steel, iron bamboo is an ideal choice for a strong and lightweight walking stick.


Cedar is a rugged, naturally rot-resistant wood that thrives in the southern United States. As a tough, rustic wood, cedar is used for fence posts, support beams, woodcrafts, and all sorts of furniture making.


Hawthorne is a lightweight and strong wood. The tree is widely used as a hedgerow plant in landscaping, for tool handles, fence posts, and even for culinary purposes.


Those seeking a rustic and reliable walking companion should look no further than hickory. A dense, rugged wood, hickory is able to withstand the most strenuous conditions. Its unparalleled strength has made it a wood of choice for tool handles, bows and baseball bats.


Ironwood, also known as American hornbeam, is a dense, tough, no-nonsense hardwood. Its uses throughout the centuries have included carving boards, tool handles, piano actions, and even gear pegs in traditional windmills. Anywhere a hard, durable wood is required, ironwood fits the bill.


Maple is noted for its light weight and durability. A fast-growing tree, maple is commonly used for creating products like bowling pins, butcher blocks, and a number of musical instruments. As a hardwood, maple is strong, reliable, and fully distinctive.


Mesquite is a honey-colored wood that has an attractive naturally twisting grain and can vary in darkness throughout the board. Known more for its aromatic smoke in bar-b-que circles, mesquite is actually a beautiful Texan wood that grows under a lot of stress and therefore has a lot of natural character. 


Each piece of oak is carefully chosen, prepared, sanded, and stained to a beautiful perfection in brown, red, or tan. When sanded smoothly, and stained in one our attractive colors, oak's innate beauty is magnified. 


The tall and majestic pine is harvested for its straight, white wood and virtually unlimited number of practical uses, both in construction and woodworking. A fast-growing softwood, pine is highly sustainable, making it perhaps the most commercially important wood in the world.


The powerful, sweeping sassafras has been a picturesque favorite all across America for centuries, being known for its towering height, deep fragrance, and unmatched beauty. It has been used in everything from root beer and essential oils to finely crafted woodwork.


This distinctive hardwood, with its darkish bark and grain, is an ideal walking aid for trekking through both neighborhoods and wooded trails.