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Legacy Staff

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Walkng Stick

Walkng Cane






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US Marine Corps
US Army
US Army 2
US Air Force
US Navy
US Coast Guard
Purple Heart
Add a second medallion — $20
Script Bold Thick Clean
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Lee Valley Spike

Brazos Combi


Brazos Legacy Staffs and Canes

These staffs and canes were created in order to provide a way to preserve the history of the special people in our lives. Whether the individual served in a branch of the armed forces, or any other vocation, these beautiful handcrafted canes and walking staffs provide a practical and elegant means to honor someone’s lifetime achievements and the history of their years of service. The wood species include oak, walnut, and purple heart; all recognized for their strength and beauty. Like all of our American Made mobility aids, these products are made one at a time by our skilled artisans. Each cane or staff can be personalized by laser engraving the recipient’s name, dates of service, vocation, hobby, or any other unique characteristic of the person being commemorated. Call or email us for more information.