Lacewood Handle with Wenge Shaft



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Lacewood Handle with Wenge Shaft

This cane shaft is made from Wenge, a Central African Hardwood known for its beautiful dark grain. It is an extremely hard, strong wood, making it perfect for an elegant wood cane. The handle is made of Lacewood. It grows in tropical South America and is known for its conspicuous grain flecking that results in a lace pattern when quarter sawn. It is used in musical instruments, fine furniture, and turned objects.


Brazos Select Canes

Over the 20 plus years that we’ve been making handcrafted wood sticks and canes, we’ve received numerous requests for “special” canes, ranging from a retirement gift, a milestone birthday, or just a unique way to give recognition to someone who deserves it. When the request is made, we typically begin the process by sorting through our cache of exceptional wood. In the lumber business, the top grade for each species is often classified as “select” grade. This category of wood is used for projects that demand the highest quality, beauty and strength.

Which is exactly why we chose this term to identify our newest product offering. Our new Brazos Select Canes are made exclusively from select grade materials. These woods are sourced from reliable, sustainably harvested timber from all over the world. We then begin the meticulous process of choosing which pieces will make the best handles and strongest shafts for our exquisite walking canes. Only a few of our most accomplished artisans then begin the actual crafting of the finished piece. Each handle is mortised to exact dimensions, matching the tenon on each shaft. The handle and shaft are then glued and clamped together to create a joint that carries our lifetime guarantee.

Using simple hand and power tools, our master craftsmen use time tested wood working methods that ensure each cane meets our exacting standards. The natural beauty of the wood is enhanced with multiple coats of high quality clear lacquer, then finished with a