Get a Functional Gift

Brazos Walking Sticks and Walking Canes make wonderful, handcrafted walking gifts, and with our simple-to-use online Gift Certificate option, gifting a walking stick or cane is easier than ever.

The Perfect Walking Gift Idea

What makes a handcrafted walking stick or walking cane a great walking gift idea? Our craftsmen have perfected the art of highlighting the intrinsic beauty of wood—whether it be exotic African hardwood like padauk, or Texas-grown hickory—and with our time-tested woodworking methods, we ensure that each piece is artfully crafted.

Furthermore, these creations are not only beautiful, but they’re practical and functional as well. Being aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, our walking sticks and canes are the perfect tool to provide step-by-step stability, or to simply promote a healthy lifestyle.

Corporate and Client Gifts

Our products also make great one-of-a-kind corporate gifts. One technology company bought several of our walking sticks and had us embed their proprietary semiconductor chip into the sticks, along with their custom-engraved logo. The finished result was a unique corporate gift that will last a lifetime! So for company rewards, leadership training tools, client gifts, corporate wellness, and advertising or executive gifts, think of Brazos Walking Sticks.