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Free Form Twisted Sassafras Hame Top Walking Cane

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Brazos™ Twisted Sassafras Hame Top Walking Cane

The Twisted Sassafras Hame Top Walking Cane blends rustic beauty and timeless elegance, making it the perfect cane for those needing an attractive yet sturdy walking aid. With its distinct, reddish bark, and its stunning, majestic twist, the Twisted Sassafras Hame Top Walking Cane is easily one of our more sought-after walking canes. Each cane is crowned with a distinctive hame, making it truly one-of-a-kind. Every piece of sassafras is meticulously chosen, prepared, cut, and sanded, giving it our distinctive twist. Coupled with a stately brass hame the Twisted Sassafras Hame Top Walking Cane is an ideal walking companion that's both beautiful and highly functional.

Made in America, One at a Time

Unlike sterile, lifeless metal canes and poles, Brazos walking canes offer natural appeal because they are made from real wood. You can see the fine detail and beauty of the actual tree when you look at one. Each cane is a work of art. Plus, because they are solid wood, there are no moving parts to become unstable. Brazos Walking Sticks is family operated and located in the beautiful Brazos River Valley of Central Texas. Each walking stick is handcrafted by skilled local craftsmen.

Make it Uniquely Yours

All our hiking sticks can be personalized with laser engraving, making them uniquely yours. Walking sticks and canes can be further customized with accessories listed above, per your choice.

100/100 Guarantee

Buy with confidence with our Lifetime Warranty against defects and our 100/100 Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're not 100 percent satisfied, return your stick within 100 days for a full refund of the price of the stick, or exchange your stick for a low flat fee of only $10 plus shipping. Buy risk free with this comprehensive purchase protection plan. The 100/100 Satisfaction Guarantee covers every stick we sell, with the exception of anything listed in our Brazos Bargain section. So buy confidently!

To be sure, determining the right size walking stick or can be a subjective art form. What feels right for one person may feel horrible for another. However, with almost two decades of experience in making handcrafted, wooden walking sticks and canes, you can be sure that we have some opinions on the matter!

Walking Sticks

  • For small children and shorter adults, we generally recommend a 41-inch stick.
  • For people who are shorter than 5’4″, we recommend a 48-inch stick.
  • For people who are between 5’4″ and 5’11”, we recommend a 55-inch stick.
  • For adults over 5’11”, we recommend a 58-inch stick.

Walking Canes

  • For people who are shorter than 5’4″, we recommend a our lighter 34-inch canes
  • For people who are between 5’4″ and 6’, we recommend our standard 37-inch canes as the best starting point.
  • For adults over 6’, we offer 40-inch canes.

Cane sizing is best achieved by standing up nice and straight, relaxing your arm naturally to the side, and having someone measure the distance from your wrist to the floor.

Again, let me reiterate, the sizing recommendations listed above are only suggestions. For people needing step-by-step support, it’s best to consult your doctor or another medical professional about your exact sizing needs.

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  • 5

    Posted by Babe Barton on 29th Nov 2017

    Lovely contrast between bark and exposed wood, with a satisfying weight and feel makes it a joy to own.

  • 4

    Posted by Maxwell Garrison on 22nd Apr 2014

    I will start by saying that the cane is much more beautiful in person than in the picture. The wood is very light and silken, and the bark is scarlet, most striking.
    Overall, this is an excellent cane for the price. The wood is thick and sturdy, resistant to rot, only one knot, and a small area of discoloration near the hame. These are understandable, and contribute to its natural appearance. The hame is mounted securely to the stick by two angled screws that still have the heads for removal and tightening. The hame is comfortable in the hand and is easy on my wrists and heel.
    I rate this as for stars, because the brass, although striking from a distance, weathers quickly. Perhaps I am used to being around extremely high quality instrument brass, but out of the box, there were a few imperfections, and within a few days the lacquer is rubbing off. This can be easily fixed, and I expected it to weather, just not so quickly. Also, there was a piece of bark and the end of the shaven area that was about to chip off, but a small amount of wood glue painted into the cracks fixed the problem; again, perfectly understandable.
    Overall, I am highly satisfied with my purchase and find the cane a great value relative to comparable canes worth hundreds more. I will recommend this cane or your walking sticks to everyone.

  • 5
    Very distinct

    Posted by Quigley on 26th Dec 2012

    Elegant & distinct! The graceful twist carving is highlighted very nicely by the brass topper. Looks much better in person than in the photo. Very light. We love it!