Folding Walking Canes – Switch Sticks

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Those who need a little extra assistance with getting around should consider the many purposes of a walking cane. Canes help folks of every age get around the house, take a walk around the neighborhood or traverse the aisles of their favorite store.

Metal walking sticks or walking canes of the drug store variety are not only inferior in quality, but they’re cheaply-constructed and lack any sort of accent that makes them personalized to fit your needs and preferences. You’re more than a stiff, gun metal gray-colored stick; find a trusted cane company who’ll let your persona shine through.

Brazos Switch Sticks do just that: our folding walking canes are both fun and functional!

Didn’t think you could “personalize” a cane? Think again! Switch Sticks take every aspect of a folding walking cane into account and offer contemporary designs that are fun and fashionable. Purple polka dots, snakeskin prints, a jet-black scheme and texturized canes of every color imaginable are available.

We’re also incorporating wooden handles, wrist straps, rubber tips and more to make your folding cane pop with functionality and personality. These are all essential elements of a quality metal cane and – like the cane itself – come in a variety of styles and colors to best match the user.

We haven’t lost sight of a cane’s true purpose, however, so you’ll still have a foldable metal walking cane that will offer comfort when you need it most and reliability when out and about. Moreover, those who want even more stability should consider our 2-in-1 designs that fold into a chair. You’ll be prepared for every scenario with this tool at your disposal!

It doesn’t matter if you’re waiting in line at the grocery store or are on your feet for an entire day while at a fair. By choosing a Switch Stick Folding Walking Cane, you’ll have a trusty companion to help you along.