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Unique Walking Canes from Brazos™

You want your one-of-a-kind walking cane to be as unique as you are and Brazos wants to help. Our artisans occasionally make collectible canes and walking sticks and these items put on full display the skills and commitment of our crafters. Please note that all unique walking canes in this section are limited editions. In this category, we carry a wide variety of handmade unique walking canes and walking staffs that range from artistic experiments to special requests. We encourage visitors to browse a while and see if there is something new that we have crafted that you might be glad you found! Exotic woods are the norm on these unique walking canes. Our artisans also utilize different joinery, cane handles and walking staff tops that aren’t found on our other offerings. Perhaps you’ve been searching for a specially-shaped natural piece of wood that might have inspired a one of a kind creation. You’ll find these unique walking canes and more within this Brazos collection so enjoy browsing and contact us with any questions.

Made in the USA

The item you see photographed is the exact item you'll receive. Each unique walking cane is the product of the skills and craftsmanship of our artisans. Please feel free to email inquiries to with any questions or comments or to get to know us. We encourage shoppers to come by our shop in Waco, Texas to see our selection of unique walking canes in-person. If you happen to be a cane collector or are just looking for a unique walking cane for yourself or as a gift, you will be enthralled at the selection in our shop.

Make these Unique Walking Canes Uniquely Yours

All of our unique walking canes can be personalized with laser engraving, making them uniquely yours. These make excellent retirement or birthday gifts. If you want something specific or do not see what you need, please contact us via email at .