Brazos Trekking Poles - Matching Pair with Anti-Shock Tech and Interchangeable Tip - GREEN



Brazos™ Trekker Walking Stick

This stylish Hiking Staff/Trekking Pole feels like an extension of your arm so you can confidently hit the trail through your neighborhood, favorite hike, or extended backpacking journey. This strong and attractive trekking pole gives you rock-solid stability and assurance, wherever your story may take you. Designed by Brazos, manufactured overseas.


Go explore the great outdoors with a pair of Brazos Walking Sticks Performance Trekking Poles. Our lightweight walking sticks weigh just 1.4 pounds each and have a durable aluminum shaft that can handle everything from untamed terrain to paved pathways with ease. Brazos trekking poles can be used by hikers of all skill levels but are ideally suited for beginner and intermediate users.

The poles are constructed with a tungsten carbide tip that digs into dirt for a solid grip on the ground. Brazos interchangeable tip walking sticks come with a rubber grip that covers the tip for traction on roadways or concrete paths. A plastic mud/sand basket is also provided and attaches to the pole to prevent the carbide tip from sinking too far in and becoming stuck. Select the tip or grip for your terrain and walk with total confidence.


Brazos hiking poles are fully adjustable to accommodate each user. A telescoping design allows each retractable walking stick to be adjusted from 43.3 to 53.2 inches; measurement tick marks on the shaft and a twist release locking mechanism make the process simple and secure. The poles collapse to 27 inches for easy storage and portability. Strap them to a backpack or stash them in your vehicle to keep them close by yet out of the way.


Walking on hard surfaces is tough on your lower body and can cause some real pain. Brazos trek poles contain a built-in AntiShock system to help absorb impact and offer you greater comfort, especially when you’re descending. Simply twist the pole to turn the optional AntiShock feature on or off.


Unlike others with hard plastic handles that painfully dig into your hand, Brazos trail poles have rubberized non-slip grips and a padded, adjustable braided nylon wrist strap. Enjoy continual comfort and greater traction wherever your travels take you.


Slowpoke Gypsy (Brazos fan and avid hiker) ★★★★★ — I’ve recently given these Brazos Trekking Poles quite a workout on a couple of very challenging hikes in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge in Arizona. The first summit, called “3030” for its elevation, required an ascent of more than 1,700 ft to the summit—a little less than the height of One World Trade Center in Manhattan. The second summit, Castle Dome Peak, required an ascent of about 2,100 ft.—about the height of Shanghai Tower in China. The trekking poles worked well for me on both summits and I was really glad I had them!