Brazos Style Cane



Stay steady on your feet with this adjustable cane from Brazos. Our walking sticks adjust from 29 inches to 37 inches to fit people of
various heights. Each cane provides the stability you need to make walking easier and more safe. Whether you are not as steady on
your feet as you once were or are recovering from an injury, our canes will help you get where you need to go safely.

When you use a cane, you’re placing your trust in its construction and design to hold your weight and keep you steady. Our cane
features a straight design and a refined rubber ferrule to prevent slipping on floors. This will ensure the cane stays in place and provides
the support you need when getting from place to place, regardless of floor surfaces.

Each cane is constructed with a durable, engraved metal shaft and is paired with a solid wood handle. The wood is sourced in the USA
and handcrafted into handles by local craftsmen. The sturdy design and premium materials ensure you will be able to go about your
daily routine confidently and safely.

Our canes provide extra stability when you need it most, while still being comfortable to use. The ergonomic handle keeps your wrist
from tiring out, allowing you to use the cane for extended periods of time. Each walking stick features a nylon wrist strap at the handle
so you’re able to keep a secure hold during prolonged use.

Canes don’t have to be unsightly or embarrassing to use. We’ve designed our walking stick to be fashionable. The engraved aluminum
shaft and handcrafted handle provide a sleek and stylish design that will look great with any outfit or at any occasion. No more worries
about your walking aid being an eyesore. Our cane will ensure you always look great!