Brazos 24" Hickory Shoe Horn



Brazos Walking Sticks Hickory Shoe Horn
If you have trouble bending down to put on your shoes or just want an easier solution, the Brazos Hickory Shoe Horn can help. It extends your reach 24 inches, making it easier to slip on your shoes whether you’re sitting or standing.

Made in the USA!
Each Brazos shoe horn is individually handcrafted from the choicest hickory, a strong and durable wood. Brazos incorporates the same detailed process in making this shoe horn as they do building their high-quality walking sticks and canes. The leather strap at the top provides a secure grip.


  • Made in the USA
  • Individually handcrafted from the finest hickory; lightweight and durable
  • Convenient leather strap at the top offers a secure grip
  • Length: 24 inches