Posted by Brazos Walking Sticks on 16th Jul 2012

Walking With A Walking Cane

Walking with a cane and sizing a cane are not necessarily intuitive processes. In our 16 years of professional experience we’ve found that when it comes to using and sizing a cane, there are some general guidelines that seem to work best for most people. Please know that if you’re using a walking cane for medical reasons, you’ll need to consult your doctor first.

Walking with a Cane and Sizing a Cane

We recommend that your cane come to your wrist and allow for a slight bend in your elbow. To properly measure a cane you should stand up straight and let your arm relax to your side. While standing in that position, have a friend measure the distance from your wrist to the ground.

Cane sizing is essential.

When properly sized a cane should be used on the side of your body that needs the most stability. Take each step by placing the cane a few inches ahead of you, along with the leg that needs extra support or balance; finish each step with your strong side.

A rubber ferrule (foot or tip) is essential to walking with a cane. The tip allows for traction with each step, and prevents your cane from slipping from underneath you. It’s a good idea to periodically check the “tread” on your rubber ferrule, and to replace worn ferrules when needed.

Choosing the Right Wood

When considering a wooden walking cane, wood choice can be a highly personal decision. Some things to consider are aesthetics, wood density, and general flexibility. For wood choices on the lighter-weight side, consider aromatic cedar, iron bamboo, oak, padauk, sassafras, and sweet gum. For more dense woods consider hickory, ironwood, bloodwood, cocobolo, bocote, and colorwood.

General Safety Tips

– Be careful when walking on wet or slippery surfaces.
– Make sure your cane is firmly planted on the ground with each step.
– Hold your cane firmly with one hand, not two.
– Check your rubber ferrule (tip) regularly, and replace it when needed.
– Periodically inspect your cane for any irregularities.


With a host of beautiful woods to choose from, walking with a handcrafted Brazos Walking Cane can be an enjoyable experience. For stability with each step, or simply as a fashionable accessory, Brazos Walking Sticks has an expertly crafted cane to meet all of your needs.

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