Posted by Brazos Walking Sticks on 5th Aug 2011

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The Travelers Stick is one of our hot new walking sticks, and it seems like the more we get the word out about this stick, the more our demand for it increases! For years we had folks approach us about making a walking stick that breaks down for easy travel. We had been apprehensive about such a design, because we weren’t sold on the idea that a stick made in a such a way could be as sturdy as one of our standard walking sticks. Well, after much trial and error, a few months ago we came up with the design that is now our beloved Travelers Stick — and by all indications this is

the walking stick our customers have been waiting for us to make!

The possibilities seem endless: throw this broken-down staff in your backpack, in an overhead bin on an airplane, in your back seat, strapped to your dog’s back — you name it!

With this classic wooden walking stick, you get the same lifetime guarantee that’s indicative of all of our handcrafted walking sticks and walking canes, and you get the well-being that comes with owning and using a quality, handcrafted staff that’s perfect for exercise, or for fitness, or for recreation … or whatever!

It’s looking like this walking stick is the next big thing for Brazos Walking Sticks, so hop on the trail with The Feel of Nature™.  We promise you'll want to walk more simply because of these incredible walking sticks.