12th Jul 2017

Meet Warren Owen, Founder of Brazos Walking Sticks

My wife and I were married in the spring of 1979, and moved into a used single-wide mobile home on five acres just north of Waco. A friendly neighbor tilled up a small area behind our home and we planted our first garden. We eventually moved to a larger place just down the road, but I still began most mornings checking on my quarter-acre organic garden and small assortment of chickens, sheep, dogs and one little Jersey milk cow.

The same year we got married, I built a small workshop on our land and started making wooden picture frames. It was a passion of mine from the beginning to produce high-quality products made right here in Texas.

The Birth of Brazos Walking Sticks

In 1996, an idea for an addition to our picture frame company came from a good friend and neighbor of mine. With experience and training in England as a master woodworker, he had designed and produced a small line of high-quality staffs and canes which he sold at local craft fairs. Given my woodworking background, he suggested I take his operation and expand it.

Brazos Walking Sticks was BORN.

We started as a small, family-run operation with only a couple of artisan craftsmen. In fact, one of them is still with us today. One of the first sticks we ever created was the Hitchhiker Twisted Oak Walking Stick, which is still a top seller today.

20 Years Later

We are celebrating our 20-year anniversary this year! Even though we’ve grown since then and are producing thousands of sticks per year (in fact, 93,946 last year), we still make each stick by hand, using the same techniques we learned from my British friend. Most of our craftsmen are friends and neighbors who work in a cottage industry environment near their homes.

I appreciate all of you for being our customers and believing in what we do. Thanks for your support for the last 20 years!