Be a Collector

Our most experienced master craftsman takes the finest, most exotic woods available to us and fashions our exquisitely crafted Collectors Series. To create this popular series of sticks and canes, our craftsman meticulously selects the finest and most unique materials including African blackwood, bloodwood, bocote, cholla cactus, bubinga, naturally shed elk antler, naturally vine-twisted shafts, and more. After the material is chosen, his imagination and experience guide him as he produces each functional piece of art, one piece at a time—since no two are identical, each stick or cane is truly one-of-a-kind.

Our master craftsman's workshop is right here in central Texas, adjacent to the beautiful Brazos River and a community of craftsmen who believe in the time-honored traditions of craftsmanship, integrity, and honesty. Each creation is made with such traditions in mind.

One happy Collectors' Walking Cane customer: