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We take great pride in how many customers we garner via word-of-mouth promotion. If you’re one of the thousands of fans who have told your friends and loved ones about us, thank you! We’d like to reward your loyalty with our Brazos Walking Sticks Ambassador program. If you have an idea or project you would like to partner with, drop us a line here (

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How Does The Ambassador CARD Program Work?

Joining the ambassador program is easy. Once all relevant information we need is collected via this simple form. Then we mail you business cards with a unique promotional code, which your friends and loved ones can then enter at checkout. The more products your friends and family purchase, the more rewards you enjoy!

10% of ever purchase using that code is put directly in your account.

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How does the social media promotion work?

Simply sign in to the the “Earn Rewards!” Bubble on the lower left side of the page and and scroll down to a button called “refer your friends” this is your unique link that can be placed anywhere online. Also, in “ways to earn” there are several simple actions that immediately earn you serious points.

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Share your unique coupon code anywhere online and receive a percentage of every sale.

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Email us at: if you have other ideas that we haven’t mentioned here.

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